showing our support

We all go through rough patches and times. We are fortunate to have the love and support from our family and friends that help us hang in there through the tough times. Without their support, Judge Bao would be no more.

Having received help during times of need, it is part of our mission to give back. We have worked directly with all of the mentioned non-profit organisations. Experiencing first hand their great work is nothing but humbling. We can only go so far on our own. But together we are strong and can make a difference!


Everybody Eats

Everybody Eats - where everybody is welcome to sit together and eat under the same roof, regardless of their walks of life.


We have been big fan and supporter of the work Nick and the team at Everybody Eats do from their early days. Nick goes around saving good, edible food that is not "good enough" for retail before they are trashed to landfills, turning what would've been food waste into delicious three-course meals every Monday at Gemmayze Street on K'Road.

Everybody Eats operates under a "pay as you fee" policy - there is no obligation to pay or the amount to pay, you pay only if you are able and willing to. Everyone, no matter what walks of life you are going through, sits together on a Monday night, sharing a table and having three-courses served by volunteer front of house staff. The food is all prepared by volunteer chefs who take time off to cook food for near 300 people. It is an honour being able to feed everyone, especially those who are more in need. We are grateful that our skill set can be of use for such a great purpose.

If you would like to learn more about Everybody Eats or would like to get involved, you can pop by their Facebook page.


Nga Rangatahi Toa


things are messed up... let's get together and UNF♥CK the world!


Nga Rangatahi Toa (NRT) has been giving young kiwis who have been excluded from mainstream education to have another chance on education through social justice based education work and creative arts.

Many of these young kiwis have had very tough pasts. Being excluded from school results in a loss of connection to education and to the community - lose of identity and their sense of self-worth. Through NRT's immersive and intensive projects, they are connected with top New Zealand musicians, actors and artists. Not only do the students regain and strengthen their sense of purpose, mentors remain supportive of their mentee's journey for as long as is needed, even after their time with NRT.

We have the pleasure to support the team at NRT and their students through feeding their bellies with Judge Bao's meals. Being able to see first hand the positive impact NRT has on the students reinforces the importance of supporting the next generation of kiwis.

Find out more about NRT and their wonderful work on their website and Facebook page.


Play It Strange

Play It Strange private fundraising concert 2015 | photo from Viva


Play It Strange exists to give young kiwis the opportunity to express themselves in all shapes and forms through songwriting and music, giving them a chance to be heard and explore their potential.

We had the pleasure of supporting their fundraising concerts and enjoy the beautiful music written and performed by these talented young people.

Check out Play It Strange's website to hear some of the songs written by talented young kiwis.