our story



Once upon a time, in the land of the long white cloud, there lived a couple who had stable, comfy jobs, but felt in need of a challenge outside their comfort zones. They decided to take a leap away from the restaurant family and the corporate world, rolled their sleeves up and began rolling bao’s. They braved the norms and stereotypes of Chinese cuisine, one bao at a time.

This is the tale of Judge Bao… *cue superhero theme song*



what we stand for

We are all about handmade, artisanal foods. Our bao’s are handmade from scratch, using a simple grandma’s recipe that Bun Hun’s mama passed down to her (no nasty chemicals, aluminium-free baking powder, no bleach, no palm oil… a little support for the orangutans), steamed the traditional way in bamboo baskets.

Only free-range meats and eggs, GMO-free soybeans and seasonal local produce are used. We strive to use locally produced ingredients where possible. All food packaging are compostable too, cos you got to love mother earth.


showing our support

One of the greatest joys of our Judge Bao journey is meeting so many fantastic people along our way. We had the pleasure to work and learn from so many awesome people within the hospitality industry and beyond. And then there is the honour to give back to the community.

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