markets + festivals

Many of you met us and our handmade bao's at the markets and festivals. Do you remember what our first stall looked like?


Throwback to 2015...

It was summer of 2015. We got ourselves a white gazebo (cos we thought it would be the coolest thing ever, cos no one at the markets had a white gazebo), set-up our stall and started selling bao's at markets...

There were many good reasons why nobody used a white gazebo at outdoor markets... we learnt a lot, the hard way. Fast forward to 2018 - our stall has done its fair share of growing up with us. Now we have a few set-ups to accommodate different events and markets.


Red booth set up - one of our mobile pop-up stalls

We love the market scene - the chance to meet and get to know all you amazing Baolievers, to work alongside the street food family, to share our love of bao's with everyone... Look forward to catching you at one of our upcoming pop-ups!

Click here for our upcoming events calendar.