why sauce boss & bun hun?

When being your own boss, you got to have superhero names!


how long as Judge Bao been going for?

We turned 3 at the start of 2018!


who and what is pew pew?

Some of you may wonder what is "Pew Pew" and where he came from. Pew Pew (that little white ball with two points) is Judge Bao’s fluffy steam bun mascot.
This little dude was born from Bun Hun's procrastination doodle and is loved by many. And yes, you can take him home! Check out our merchandise page here.


judge who?

You may be wondering, “Judge… who?”

Judge Bao, also known as Bao Gong (包公), was a real judge during the Song Dynasty in China. He was famous for his honesty, uprightness and upholding justice for the people.

Bao (包) also means “steam bun” in Chinese. It is Chinese bread that is cooked with steam rather than baked in the oven.

We hope our hand rolled, sans nasties steam buns would do Judge Bao’s name justice!