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Once upon a time, in the land of the long white cloud, there lived a couple who had stable, comfy jobs, but felt in need of a challenge outside their comfort zones. They decided to take a leap away from the restaurant family and the corporate world, rolled their sleeves up and began rolling bao’s. They braved the norms of Chinese cuisine, one bao at a time.

This is the tale of Judge Bao… *thunderstorm sound effect & superhero theme song*

My chef life began when I was 15 with a strong focus on western and European cuisines. I wanted to learn something new and broaden my culinary repertoire. I love Asian foods and was fascinated with the Chinese home cooking Debbie would make for me after my night shifts.


We started Judge Bao to explore Chinese cuisine and to share our spin on traditional flavours with Kiwis. Bread is one food that many cultures have in common and understand. So we chose to use bao’s to introduce our dishes and ideas. Though making the buns are a labour of love, knowing that our customers enjoy and appreciate the quality and effort put into making them makes it all worthwhile.


Our Judge Bao journey has certainly broadened my horizon and I continue to learn every day. The opportunity to meet many fabulous people in hospitality and beyond, the support we have been shown, being able to call many our friends and food family… we are very grateful.


Oh and of course, when being your own boss, you got to have superhero names…!

sauce boss 390×390

Sauce Boss

alter ego: Jamie / @punkchef

We started Judge Bao at the beginning of 2015 at Silo Park, juggling the food stall and our full-time jobs. Judge Bao became larger than life and we really wanted to give our dream a proper shot – we gave up our jobs to focus solely on our food baby.


Like all things, we go through highs and lows. But having the freedom to do what we truly are passionate about, meeting so many fabulous people along our journey, and being able to share our joy with our customers, that is priceless.


Some of you may wonder where Pew Pew came from. Pew Pew (that little white ball with two points) is Judge Bao’s fluffy steam bun mascot. Born from a procrastination doodle during the summer of 2015, I am so happy that many people share our love for this little one!

bun hun 390×390

Bun Hun

alter ego: Debbie / @momopiglet

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