markets & festivals

We have a selection of hand rolled bao’s, side dishes and salads on offer when we pop-up at markets and festivals. Using local, seasonal produce means we change our offerings along with the seasons.

For the vegetarians and vegans, there will always be at least one item on the menu for you!

Please note: we share a production kitchen with a bakery. Possible allergens include gluten, dairy, egg, soy, peanut, sesame.


Looking for catering services for your next work function or event? Planning a birthday or wedding and would like something uniquely designed for the special day?

We can provide various styles of catering services: outdoor market stall or indoor catering setup, walk n’ fork, even seated, plated catering service including canapés, mains, and desserts. Drop us a message to discuss what catering services we could offer for your event!

special events

Special events are fantastic opportunities for us to explore beyond Chinese flavours and get super creative!

A Japanese inspired menu for Japan Day; chicken feet and edible forest floor canape pieces for ArtDego; creating a steam bun that expressed Pacific Heights’ artistic journey for Street ArtDego; exploring the concept of aesthetics through offal, ants, locus and more for the Symposium of Gastronomy… so much fun!


Collaborations! One of our favourite things!

It is a joy to meet so many talented people along our Judge Bao journey, and even more exciting when getting to collaborate with some. Brandmance, pop-up dining collaborations, restaurant takeovers, food and drinks pairing pop-ups, charity events, non-food related collaborations… we love them all. If you are interested in a collaboration or project with us, we would love to hear from you!

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