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你好! Judge Bao is a modern Chinese pop-up eatery run by “Sauce Boss” Jamie and “Bun Hun” Debbie. We experiment and create contemporary dishes based on Chinese traditional flavours with a pinch of playfulness.

We are huge fans of handmade, artisanal foods. Our bao’s are hand rolled, using a simple grandma’s recipe that Bun Hun’s mama passed down to her (no nasty chemicals, no bleach, no palm oil… a little support for the orangutans), steamed the traditional way in bamboo baskets. We only use free range meats and eggs, GMO-free soybeans, and seasonal local produce. All food packaging are compostable too, cos you got to love mother earth.

Judge Bao?

You may be wondering, “Judge… who?”

Judge Bao, also known as Bao Gong (包公), was a real judge during the Song Dynasty in China. He was famous for his honesty, uprightness and upholding justice for the people.

Bao (包) also means “steam bun” in Chinese. It is Chinese bread that is cooked with steam rather than baked in the oven.

We hope our hand rolled, sans nasties steam buns would do Judge Bao’s name justice!

pop-up eatery

Sometimes we are asked, “What is a pop-up? What do you do? Where is your store when you’re not at the markets?”

We don’t have a physical store (yet!). We roll around Auckland, setting up our pop-up stall at different markets, festivals, events and restaurant spaces. Occasionally you will find us venturing out of Auckland to different parts of New Zealand.

But… we are more than just a pop-up. We cater for weddings and functions,  run cooking demos, take over restaurants and cafés with custom menus and full service. We love collaborating with people both in hospitality and beyond this field because we love pushing our imagination, challenging comfort zones and boundaries.

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