viva la revolution

masterstock whole chicken


judge bao x the pie piper

Sep 2015

Coco's Cantina, K'Road, Auckland

Judge Bao's first collaboration was with one of our food fam, The Pie Piper. We took on the opportunity to "babysit" one of Auckland's most famous hospitality institutes, Coco's Cantina, for two weeks whilst the whole of Coco's team went on a well-deserved break in Italy.

Viva La Revolution fused Chinese and American dishes and flavours to create an eccentric menu. We provided a selection of small and large shared plates, such as whole masterstock chook, bone marrow meatballs, meatloaf and whole steamed fish, while The Pie Piper took care of the desserts.

Blog by Bunny Eats Design.


bone marrow meatball | photo by Bunny Eats Design


fuyu fried drums | photo by Bunny Eats Design


whole steamed fish | photo by Bunny Eats Design


meatloaf | photo by Bunny Eats Design


awkward hosts | photo by Bunny Eats Design