the dinner crowd with judge bao


Sauce Boss & Sam Mannering | Pah Homestead window ledge


homestead x judge bao

Jun 2018

Pah Homestead, Hillsborough

The Dinner Crowd is Homestead's winter dinner series where they collaborate with food friends. We had the delight to kick off their 2018 series with a collaborative four-course dinner designed by Sauce Boss and Sam Mannering of Homestead at the magnificent surroundings of the Pah Homestead.

BONUS! New Zealand's most famous conman came to this pop up! Read all about the wild night it was from The Spinoff article!


grapefruit picking


carrying the loot


Pah grapefruit curd | ma lai gao


ma lai gao | steamed brown sugar sponge


pah homestead dining room


plum wine, tamarillo soda


"surprise beef" | gu lo yuk


Judge Bao five spice suckling pig


Sauce Boss & Sam serving whole roasted suckling pig


negroni | Pah grapefruit